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Why So Serious? by skywalcker Why So Serious? by skywalcker
Went to see the 12:01 am of 'The Dark Knight' and it is by far the best movie i've seen in years.
It's not just a load of hype, it's quite literally perfect in it's execution. If you don't want to see it, I would recommend changing your mind.

If Heath Ledger does not win an oscar for his performance, then the world loses something. His performance is one of the best i have ever seen. better than Jack Nichelson but that's not saying much.

Go see it. you will not regret it in the least.

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Engirish Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
god the joker was soooo disturbing especialy when he does his phychotic laugh.
PeepsKakashi Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2008
yeah! the movie was way too good for words! i also saw it opening night at 12:01 and it was so worth it! i can't even express how much i loved this movie!!
AvrilLavingeFan Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2008
I loved the movie. I went last night... er, this morning too. My dad wants to go again, so we're going tonight too. I can't get enough of Heath's performance. I remember when my dad said he died, and I had never heard of him. He grabbed his keys and took me down to the movie rental place and we rented, like, 4 of his movies, went home and watched them all. He is compleatly different in everything he does. The world had lost a great talent, and if the world doesn't see it, the world is blind. Anyway, instant :+fav:
This movie deserved every single one of those stars :star::star::star::star::star:
Tinkerpuff Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i really loved heath ledger and his acting.. its a shame. cant wait. 25th july!!
skywalcker Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2008
i seriously thought my friend was pulling my leg when she said he died. it is a shame, he's brilliant in this.
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July 18, 2008
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